Lot 21: (Grade: AA) Nguguini

Ngugu-ini Factory is part of the Kibirigwi Cooperative Society, together with another 8 washing stations: Ragati, Mukangu, Kiangai, Kibingoti, Thunguri, Kianjege, Chewa and Kibirigwi. It was started in 1958.

Coffee and cupping details

Bags: 0
Weight: 600 kgs
Score: 83.92
Cupping notes:
  • Fresh, caramel, citrus, peanuts, bubblegum, aftertaste is dr on cool, creamy body, citrus acidity.
  • AA

Farm details

Farm Name: Ngugu-ini Coffee Factory
District: Kirinyaga County, Kenya
Village: Karatina
Farm Elevation: 1600m
Average Rainfall: 1300mm
Processing Method: Washed Processing


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