Lot 4: (Grade: AA) Friends of Mothers Initiative, Bumwambu

Friends of Mothers Initiative Ltd (FMI) is a Fairtrade and organic certified coffee producer and exporter founded in 2016 and incorporated in 2017. FMI’s farmers are located on the slopes of Mt. Elgon and with a total 50 farmers, its production capacity is of 504,591 kg of exportable grade coffee.

Coffee and cupping details

Bags: 10
Weight: 600 kgs
Score: 82.5
Cupping notes:
  • Floral, cane, caramel, chocolate, tomato like, gooseberry, woody crust, very clean, short aftertaste, changes from start to finish
Harvest Date: December 2019
  • SL14

Farm details

Farmer Name: Bumwambu
District: Mt. Elgon, Uganda
Farm Size: 47.5 ha
Farm Location: 0.976, 34.258
Farm Elevation: 1745m
Average Rainfall: 1,650mm
Processing Method: Washed Processing
Drying Method: Natural/Sun Drying
Mill: Coffe World


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