Lot 16: (Grade: AA) Kanelite

Kanelite estate farm is owned by Mr Njagi Muchiri and Mrs Irene Njagi. It was started in 1960’s. Currently, it has an annual harvest of 30,000 Kgs and a total of 3,000 trees.

Coffee and cupping details


Medium acidity, medium to high body, well balanced, dark chocolate

Bags: 4
Weight: 240 kgs
Score: 85.92
Cupping notes:
  • Black currant, citrus, chocolate, floral, better on cool, long aftertaste, well balanced coffee.
Harvest Date: Oct-Dec 2019
  • SL 28

Farm details

Farm Name: Kanelite Estate Farm
District: Embu County, Kenya
Village: Kambavara
Farm Size: 2.0 ha
Farm Elevation: 2000m
Average Rainfall: 1200mm
Processing Method: Washed Processing
Drying Method: Sun Dried
Mill: Central Kenya Coffee Mill

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