Lot 6: (Grade: AA) Gibsons Coffee Mbiri

The first crop of Gibsons coffee was planted in the early 1960s after Kenya attained self-governance from the British Government. On a small farm of five acres, the first Arabica coffee tree variety SL34/SL28 was planted, in a virgin land and produced a very high quality coffee.

Super Gibs Ltd roasts and packs its coffee under the ‘Gibson Coffee’ brand and is distributed locally, while green coffee is exported abroad.

Coffee and cupping details


Shipping: Auction price is based on FOB from Nairobi

Bags: 10
Weight: 600 kgs
Score: 84.88
Cupping notes:
  • Black currant, floral, berry fruits, spicy, sweet aftertaste, citrus acidity
Harvest Date: Oct-Dec 2019
  • SL 28

Farm details

Farm Name: Gibs estate
Farmer Name: Mathew Mugo
District: Kirinyaga county, Kenya
Farm Size: 12.0 ha
Farm Elevation: 1550m
Average Rainfall: 1200-1500mm
Processing Method: Washed Processing
Drying Method: Raised Drying Beds
Mill: Tropical coffee mills


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