EAC MARKUP Coffee Auction



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This auction is part of an effort that aims to promote coffee from East Africa to european and regional markets. It is an opportunity to find new buyers in those areas, create direct trade and long lasting relationships with those buyers.

As a Buyer you will have access to producers looking to make connections with buyers in Europe and beyond as well as coffee that has been graded by our specialist Q-Grader. A cupping report will be made available to you alongside information on the background to the farmers, their farms and processes.

You can purchase samples to try the coffee for yourself; this will help you make a decision on which coffee you wish to buy.

Overall Auction Description

ロット: 24

Auction Cupping in Mombasa @ AFCA

There will be 3 special cupping sessions for the coffee participating in the auction at the AFCA Conference in Mombasa between the 12-14th Februay 2020.

This cupping will be held in the Cupping Pavilion in the centre of the exhibition space. A TV for the auction will also be the cupping pavioion. The 3 sessions will be held at the following times:

  • Thursday 13th February @ 12-1pm
  • Thursday 13th February @ 2pm-3pm
  • Thursday 13th February @ 3pm-4pm

Auction Times in your Region

  • 03:00 AM - Los Angeles 
  • 06:00 AM - New York 
  • 08:00 AM - Sao Paulo
  • 11:00 AM - London
  • 14:00 PM - Mombasa
  • 18:00 PM - Jakarta
  • 9:00 PM - Shanghai
  • 20:00 PM - Tokyo
  • 22:00 AM - Sydney


ロット 品種プロセススコア Bags重量 Inco Term入札単位 入札 合計数 件名 最高入札者 残り時間
1Natural Process85.081120kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$17.15/kg$2,058.00(Grade Screen 15+) Chania EstateGenovese Coffee FINISHED
2Honey Process82.131120kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$12.75/kg$1,530.00(Grade Screen 15+) Oreti Estate- FINISHED
3Washed Processing81.9210600kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$4.18/kg$2,508.00(Grade: A) Friends of Mothers Initiative, Nangolo- FINISHED
4Washed Processing82.510600kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$4.40/kg$2,640.00(Grade: AA) Friends of Mothers Initiative, Bumwambu- FINISHED
5Washed Processing84.839564.6kgsFOB Nairobi$0.10$7.60/kg$4,290.96(Grade: AA) Gibsons Coffee Kathunguri- FINISHED
6Washed Processing84.8810600kgsFOB Nairobi$0.10$7.60/kg$4,560.00(Grade: AA) Gibsons Coffee Mbiri- FINISHED
7Washed Processing85.081500kgsFOB Entebbe$0.10$4.40/kg$2,200.00(Grade: AA) Nucafe Ltd- FINISHED
8Washed Processing83.171150kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$6.60/kg$990.00(Grade: AA) Sakami Coffee Ltd- FINISHED
9Washed Processing85.811600kgsFOT Ngozi$0.10$5.00/kg$3,000.00(Grade: FW 15+) Matraco (fully washed)- FINISHED
10Washed Processing83.131600kgsFOT Ngozi$0.10$4.00/kg$2,400.00(Grade: FW 15+) Matraco (fully Washed)- FINISHED
11Dry Processing82.381600kgsFOT Ngozi$0.10$6.00/kg$3,600.00(Grade: Natural G1) Matraco- FINISHED
12Washed Processing85.673180kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$12.00/kg$2,160.00(Grade: AA) SawasawaCherry Beans Cafe FINISHED
13Washed Processing86.588480kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$10.00/kg$4,800.00(Grade: AB) Sawasawa- FINISHED
14Washed Processing86.253180kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$12.00/kg$2,160.00(Grade: AA) SawasawaMARISSTELLA COFFEE FINISHED
15Washed Processing84.7510600kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$12.00/kg$7,200.00(Grade: AA) Kinyari Farm- FINISHED
16Washed Processing85.924240kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$12.00/kg$2,880.00(Grade: AA) Kanelite- FINISHED
17Washed Processing84.9210600kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$12.00/kg$7,200.00(Grade: AA) Makena Farm- FINISHED
18Washed Processing85.568240kgsFOB Mombassa$0.10$10.47/kg$2,512.80(Grade: AA) Mercy Estate- FINISHED
19Washed Processing87.421600kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$12.00/kg$7,200.00(Grade: AA) Gakundu- FINISHED
20Washed Processing86.081600kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$12.00/kg$7,200.00(Grade: AA) Kaguyu- FINISHED
21Washed Processing83.921600kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$12.00/kg$7,200.00(Grade: AA) Nguguini- FINISHED
22Washed Processing86.171600kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$10.00/kg$6,000.00(Grade: AB) GatuririMARISSTELLA COFFEE FINISHED
23Washed Processing85.421540kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$10.00/kg$5,400.00(Grade: PB) GikirimaMARISSTELLA COFFEE FINISHED
24Washed Processing84.461600kgsFOB Mombasa$0.10$12.00/kg$7,200.00(Grade: AA) Karugiro- FINISHED