Lot 14: (Grade: AA) Sawasawa

SawaSawa Estate is coffee growing and marketing company situated in Githunguri Sub - County, Komothai Location, Gathugu Sub – Location in Kiambu County. SawaSawa Estate is licensed to pulp and market its coffee produce locally and internationally in accordance with the Coffee Act, 2001 of the laws of Kenya.

Coffee and cupping details


Round body, bright acidity, dark chocolate, sweet berries

Bags: 3
Weight: 180 kgs
Score: 86.25
Cupping notes:
  • Black currant, floral, chocolate candy, caramel, high acidity, smooth body, bright & juicy acidity
Harvest Date: Oct-Dec 2019
  • SL 28

Farm details

Farm Name: Sawasawa Estate
District: Kiambu County, Kenya
Village: Githunguri
Farm Size: 50.0 ha
Processing Method: Washed Processing
Drying Method: Sun Dried
Mill: Central Kenya Coffee Mill

Other info

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